The company has been
in operation since 2012.

Currently consisting of 4 advocate attornes and the lawyer, simultaneously taking advantage — if such a need occurs — with help from a number of specialists from various fields.

As a good, committed team to the entrusted tasks, we handle cases in the area of widely taken civil law (especially of commercial law), criminal, administrative and tax law, succesfully reaching claims of our clients and defending their interests — both in court such as during negotiation and settlement of disputes.

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The Law Firm provides legal advice, conducts pre-trial, process and enforcement proceedings in all areas of civil law, with particular emphasis on compensation claims for road and medical incidents.

Improper performance of obligations (including construction contracts), medical law, inheritance law, consumer law, contract law, divisional proceedings (division of inheritance, division of joint property of spouses) and family law (including divorce, visitation rights, limitations and deprivation of parental authority)



Representation in preliminary procceding, process and executive proceedings as a defender, aggrievied proxy and auxiliary prosecutor.

As well as preparing all kinds of procedural documents such as appeals, plaints and cassation complaints – in all areas of criminal law.



The law firm offers both consultancy and current issues as well as permanent legal services for companies, including preparation and evaluating contracts, conducting administrative and registration issues, tax and employee cases, transforming companies and handling due diligence processes.

Specialization of adv. Klimowicz includes broadly understood company law, penal and tax law and company law, enabling the choice of the most appropriate and the most advantageous solution for the client. To provide clients with the most efficient and effective service, the Law Firm cooperates with selected notaries, court bailiffs, sworn translators, property appraisers, real estate agents, accountants and tax advisors.



The Law Firm represents its clients in matters of administrative law throughout the proceedings, starting with representation by the first instance authority, through appeals and complaints to the provincial administrative court, to the successful submission of complaints to the Supreme Administrative Court.

Special emphasis is placed by administrative law specialists on the quality of legal services in the field of construction law – including representation in the investment process (obtaining building permits, legalization proceedings, obtaining decisions on building conditions, etc.) and property management (merging, division, expropriation, compensation, adjacency fees, etc.).


Practical and tailor-made legal solutions.

Our team


Krzysztof Klimowicz

Graduated from the University of Gdansk in 2006, defending his Master’s thesis on civil liability under the Environmental Protection Law. He gained his professional experience in well-known Tricitys law firms, practicing as an attorney’s trainee, as well as providing due diligence services and widely taken financial advice to business entities.

He is practising as an attorney since 2011 in an individual law firm, belonging to the Pomeranian Attorneys Association.

As part of his practice, he specializes in criminal, commercial and economic law matters.

He is fluent in English, providing legal assistance in this language as well. He is fascinated by history and automotive.

Attorney trainee

Daria Jendrzejewska

Third year attorney trainee at the Pomeranian Attorneys Association. In 2015 she graduated with honors at the University of Gdańsk, defending her master’s thesis in the field of social insurance law.

She gained experience in several Tri—City Law and Attorney offices specializing in various areas of law. Has been associated with adv. Klimowicz’ Law Office since 2016.

She specialises in the matter of widely taken civil law and procedures.

Her passions are traveling and crime novels.

Attorney trainee

Patrycja Furtak

Second year attorney trainee at the Pomeranian Attorneys Association in Gdańsk. In 2017 she graduated from law school at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, defending her master’s thesis in the field of res iudicata in civil law.

She gained experience in Tri—City Law and Attorney offices. She is specializing in various areas of law such as family law and widely understood civil rights and proceedings

She is passionate about sports, animals and traveling.


Anna Adamska

First year attorney trainee at the Pomeranian Attorneys Association. In 2018 she graduated from law studies of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk, defending with a very good result her master’s thesis in the field of evidence law “The witness’s oath – a relic of the past or still a useful legal and evidential institution”.

She gained experience in a Tri-City Law and Attorney office, dealing, among other things, with legal services for commercial law companies.

She’s not afraid of hard work or new challenges and in her free time she’s resting with fantasy and criminal literature.


Aleksandra Rudnicka

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Gdańsk. In 2018, she defended her Master’s thesis in the field of constitutional law titled “Social rights of Polish deputies and senators on the comparative background with the Kingdom of Sweden.”, with a very good result.

During her studies, she was active in student associations and was the editor-in-chief of the ranked scientific journals.

She is interested in the culture of Scandinavia, learns Swedish, and spends her free time actively training horse riding and eastern archery.


Weronika Pieprz

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Gdansk. In 2019, she graduated law studies with honors, defending her Master’s thesis in the field of criminal law.

During her studies, she was active in many scientific groups and student associations, related directly to criminal law issues.

She is passionate about yoga, traveling, and criminal literature.


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